The creator of D-Tech Educate is from Albania, technology is a passion for me which has grown over time by navigating as much as possible in the world of internet, I like to be adopted with the latest news about technology which makes me inspired, technology has helped me a lot in the work I do.
The passion for technology, the curiosity and the desire to discover more about the world of the internet pushed me to create an educational peace for technology which I hope will help a lot of people with the information they will get from my posts.
For the creation of the website I followed many videos on YouTube and WordPress attracted me more and I started to create it, now I am very happy that I created it.
D-Tech Educate is a new website created to publish materials that will educate site visitors to be adopted with the latest technology, take advantage of its benefits while being careful with privacy of personal data etc.
D-Tech Educate is an educational website with materials that will help not only people who are not passionate about the internet world but also people who with the materials that will be posted will be able to solve many unknowns about technology.
Education about the latest in technology, education about personal data information storage, parent education and care for children from technology.

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