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GetTerms  (also called “”) is a terms of service and privacy policy generator for websites, webapps, news platforms, eCommerce sites and blogs. It’s free to generate a simple terms & conditions document, covering compliance, usage, ownership, liability and governance concerns common to most websites.

The software generates terms & conditions documents with full compliance coverage and other policies common to websites, mobile apps, eCommerce sites, and blogs. It also helps create a custom design of required legal documents such as terms of usage, ownership, and liability in just a couple of minutes.

In a nutshell, the team attempts to create data compliance as affordable and straightforward as possible. Let’s see how the legal team behind the company does that.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Generator

GetTerms Best Features

✔️ GDPR, CCPA and COPPA Ready
✔️ Generate a comprehensive Privacy tailored to your business
✔️ Written by lawyers with easy to understand language
✔️ Includes Terms of Service Policy
🍪 Includes Cookie Policy
✔️ Includes Acceptable Use Policy
✔️ Text and HTML versions for easy copy/paste
✔️ Free online hosting if you want to link directly to your policies
✔️ Future policy updates included
✔️ Website, App, eCommerce and Blog specific policies
✔️ No ongoing fees

Plans & Pricing

GetTerms’ pricing structure includes a free privacy policy and two paid packages.

Compare Packages

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Basic Policy


  • Generic Privacy Policy
  • Text & HTML Versions

A generic, free policy suited to personal websites or where privacy concerns are limited. It does not include any ability to tailor to business needs and does not meet GDPR or CPPA requirements.

Standard Pack


  • Personalised Privacy Policy
  • Generic Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Terms of Service Document
  • Text Version
  • HTML Version

“Super quick and just what I needed, didn’t have to spend more than 5 minutes creating and deploying my privacy policy which is how it should be.”

Comprehensive Pack


  • GDPR & CCPA Ready
  • Comprehensive Tailored Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Cookie policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy

“Just amazing! I’m blown away how easy it was to generate a professional privacy policy, cookie policy and terms of service policy.”


Is legit?

Yes, is a legitimate company offering reliable privacy policy generator software. It has generated over 150,000 policies until now and boasts exceptionally high scores on many user review platforms.

Is free? offers a free website privacy policy generator that combines essential tools for making your website compliant with the privacy law. This version is a good choice for most websites and businesses that collect basic or no information from their users, such as personal sites with a simple contact form. You can also check the more comprehensive paid plans under the Fees and Pricing section in this review.

Is policy compliant with GDPR & CCPA?

Yes. The Comprehensive pack that offers comes with this upgraded option. The plan’s price is $49 and includes many other customizable features.

Is GetTerms good?

Yes, GetTerms is a privacy policy generator that helps you create simple terms of service, cookie, and acceptable use policies for your apps, blogs, ecommerce, and websites without breaking a sweat.

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