I’m here today to help you get Google AdSense approval. Many people have asked me about this, so I have compiled 10 tips that will help you get approved quickly.

Google AdSense, to be honest, can be a pretty tricky animal if you have never been approved before. If you already have a website that has been approved by Google AdSense, it’s very easy to add other websites to your account.

But what about those who have never been approved, or have a lot of trouble getting approved? This is exactly what this list is about.

1. Design Your Site

A website is required to apply for Google Adsense (official site). If you already have a website, you should first create its layout. It should have a user-friendly appearance. 

If you have a Blogger site, you will have to perform a few additional tasks than if you have a WordPress site. I constantly recommend that people try to construct sites in WordPress since it may aid you in a variety of ways. 

2. Create Basic Pages

After obtaining a domain, hosting, and configuring it, you must develop some basic pages. These pages will make your website more trustworthy and professional. The pages are as follows:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms And Condition
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

Google has denied a large number of new blogger requests because they lack these essential pages. You may easily build these pages from your WordPress dashboard. 

If you’re not sure what information you need to provide on those pages, Just type “sitemap generator” or “terms and conditions generator” into Google. Then all you have to do is input your name, site name, email address, and the rest will be taken care of for you. These internet tools make it simple to design your basic pages.

If you’ve already established those basic pages, add them to your site’s homepage, as I did in my footer menu. It’s essential since it allows you to receive Google Adsense Approval in a matter of days.

3. Verify Your Website Ownership On Search Console

The process of confirming that you hold the property that you claim to own is known as verification. Because confirmed owners have access to critical Google Search data for a site and can influence a site’s position and behavior on Google Search and other Google properties, Search Console must verify ownership. Other persons can be granted full or view access by a confirmed owner.


Add a new property or use your property selector to choose an unconfirmed property.

Choose one of the methods of verification given below and follow the steps. The verification page will show you which techniques are available and which are suggested for your site.

4. High-Quality Content Is Crucial

This one is one of the most critical things to do if you want to get authorized for Google AdSense. That is, you must ensure that your website has high-quality content.

Some people believe this isn’t important, but it is since Google is now ensuring that the websites it approves aren’t just a lot of spam content or individuals who are copying and pasting stuff from other websites.

Google wants to keep them out of their search results in general, so anyone seeking to use shortcuts should forget about it. You will not be accepted for Google AdSense.

Google Publisher Policies edited
Google Publisher Policies

Just make sure your website has high-quality content. You can also read the Google Publisher Policies to learn more about what Google believes to be excellent.

Google wants to show good results to their users in their search engine result pages, so there’s a considerable risk that you’ll get rejected if you don’t have high-quality material.

They’re not going to monetize your site as they know that if they reject your site, you’re not going to make any money and will likely quit in the end.

5. Create 10-15 Posts

This returns to the importance of high-quality content. Before applying for Google AdSense, you should have 10-15 high-quality posts on your website to show Google that you’re serious about it and that your website has some content that can be monetized.

In general, you should have 10,000-15,000 words on your website. If you have 1000-1500 words for each piece, that’s an excellent starting point. This will help you be authorized since it demonstrates the voice of your website and assists Google in understanding the quality of your material, which is critical.

6. Use high-level domain

There is a high chance of getting AdSense approval if you use a high-level domain for your blog. Try to use the .com domain as it is widely visited. Regional domains like .in or .co.in have a fair chance of getting approval but .com should be your preference if you want to get Google AdSense approval quickly.

Google adsense approval

You should always try to apply AdSense with the root-level domain as It’s very difficult to get approval for subdomains. 

7. Use a responsive and SEO optimized theme

Using a responsive and SEO optimized theme makes a major difference in blog success. More than 50% of the user nowadays uses mobile to read articles. So having a responsive theme is a must to reach a greater audience. The responsive theme changes the interface based on the screen size so the user finds it easy to navigate.
If your blog theme is SEO optimized then you will have a good chance of getting a good rank in SERP ( Search Engine Result Pages). Good SERP helps to get more traffic and thus increases revenue.

8. Confirm that the content of the website is not in the restricted list

I think some people probably don’t really think about before they create a website. That is, you need to make sure your content isn’t on the restricted list. 

Yes, Google AdSense does have a restricted list. If you have a website and your content is restricted, then goodbye to AdSense. That’s just the reality of the situation. 

There are a lot of different rules, so here is a link telling you exactly what the publisher restrictions are.

Generally speaking, you can’t have anything sexual, and you can’t have shocking, like killing, terrorism, explosives, guns, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sale of alcohol, online gambling, prescription drugs, and unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements. 

The unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements is something that I think was added pretty recently. If you have a health-based website and it includes different supplements that maybe aren’t proven or could be kind of sketchy, Google AdSense might deny you for that. 

9. Remove Other Ads When Applying

Here’s a little hint—if you keep getting rejected and you’re not sure why, make sure you remove any ads you already had on your website. 

Although Google says within its terms of service that it is 100% fine to use other ad networks in conjunction with Google AdSense, when you are applying, someone is going to review your website. 

If they see a bunch of ads popping up all over the place, they may just say, “You know what? This website’s already kind of spammy. They already have a bunch of ads, so we’re not going to approve them because they’re already taken care of with those other guys.”

When you’re going through the application process, just remove the ads for the three to five days that it takes for Google to approve it. Once they approve it, you can go in and put up any other ad network you want as well. 

10. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You should drive at least 100-200 daily visitors to your blog. That is enough with your good unique content. Sometimes Adsense will approve the application at low traffic because of good exclusive content.

Always think about your content quality. You can use SEO, Pinterest, and social media tools to increase your blog traffic organically.

Final Thoughts

AdSense is a great way to monetize your blog. But I know most people don’t know how to apply and which things should they have to do before applying for Google AdSense.

I hope these steps will help you more to get approved your Google AdSense account quickly.

So, that’s my experience with the Adsense approval process, and those are the things that were I do for getting AdSense to my blog.

Always look at your blog from a visitor’s side, make some valuable fresh content for them, and keep writing and updating.

Feel free to share your experience below in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this with your new blogging friends!

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