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WebSpaceKit Review – Is It The Best Web Hosting

Web Space Kit

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service offered by companies that run and maintain physical servers that all websites live on. Websites are a collection of a lot of files that need to be stored somewhere. This is where web hosting companies come in. They build and maintain the physical infrastructure that keeps websites running.

About Web Space Kit

Web Space Kit is a relatively new hosting provider that has been built specifically for WordPress websites. Known to be the fastest WordPress hosting provider in India, Web Space Kit comes with four different WordPress hosting plans. With fast website loading times, Web Space Kit is growing to become the favorite for websites with the most traffic from India.

Web Space Kit, a relatively new WordPress hosting provider, has been creating some buzz lately in the hosting scenario.

WordPress & Web Space Kit & WordPress

As the website grew, I started looking into possible web hosting services.

In a world where billions of websites are hosted by thousands of hosting platforms, we know how hard it is to find the best hosting for your site on the most affordable budget.

Our story started with this vision. A vision to provide every website owner with the best hosting performance. 

To empower people to create/host their online presence without any hassle.

With WordPress-specific hosting plans, Web Space Kit is growing to become one of the fastest hosting providers.

Is Web Space Kit the Fastest hosting for WordPress websites ?

Web Space Kit is the Fastest WordPress hosting using two tests:

  • Speed Test
  • Server Response Time Test

Speed Test

Website Speed is one of the most important factors to consider before choosing a hosting provider. So we wanted to check the speed and performance of our test website hosted with Web Space Kit.

We used a tool called GTmetrix to perform a speed test on the website and find out whether Web Space Kit is truly the fastest WordPress hosting .

WebSpaceKit speed test

And the results were just outstanding!

Our website got Grade A with a performance score of 97% on the GTmetrix test.

A GTmetrix grade shows how well the website has performed overall, reflecting how well-built it is and how fast it loads for the visitors. And obviously, Grade A is the best in business!

WSK Performance report

And coming to website loading time, our test website fully loaded in just 1.4 seconds, with LCP taking only 1 second.

In the Speed test, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is the time taken by the largest content element on the page, be it an image or heading, to become first visible to the user.

WSK Speed Test LCP

In the GTmetrix result, you can see the different timestamps that denote the entire process of our website getting loaded. Equipped with the state-of-the-art Nginx server and NVMe SSDs, there is no wonder that the whole website loads and becomes interactive for visitors in less than 1.5 seconds.

Server Response Time Test

But the website loading time isn’t just enough to measure a hosting provider’s success. So, we wanted to test the Server Response Time for our website. Server Response Time is the time taken by the hosting server to respond to website requests from various locations across the world.

So, what does it do? It mimics 10 requests for our website from various locations globally and checks how much time the server takes to respond to each one, measured in milliseconds.

And here is how Web Space Kit’s server performed.

WSK Server Response Time


One crucial thing that sets apart a hosting provider from the rest is how secure they keep your website. Security is one of the deciding factors for website owners, and Web Space Kit scores well there too. For starters, Web Space Kit provides free SSL with all their hosting plans.

Updates & Backups

Talking of security, a crucial part of keeping the website secure is regularly updating the files, be it WordPress core files or the themes and plugins used. Web Space Kit makes it really easy on us as it takes care of all the updates by providing Automatic software updates.

And just in case, a backup is always essential for websites. Web Space Kit provides daily backups of our website using JetBackup. It creates backups of the website every day with backup points for you to restore the website in case of any unfortunate events.

Customer Support

Customer support is always crucial when it comes to hosting providers, as you never know when you need the help of a professional. WebSpaceKit seems to understand this well as they provide support via Phone, Email, and even Live chat.

Other than this, they provide a knowledge base that answers the frequently asked questions for common queries. Also, Web Space Kit has a ticket-based support system allowing us to open a support ticket right from the dashboard.

Easy to setup

WebSpaceKit is extremely easy to set up, even for absolute beginners. Everything is pretty much simple, from choosing the right hosting plan to setting up your hosting account.

With one-click WordPress installation on your website, all you need is to choose a hosting plan and domain of your choice. And once WordPress is installed, everything can be easily set up within a couple of clicks.

Beginner-friendly dashboard

Most beginner website owners think that working on a hosting provider’s dashboard needs some sort of technical expertise. But when you host with Web Space Kit, you get a beginner-friendly dashboard that gets you started in no time.

WSK Dashboard

With the Web Space Kit dashboard, you can easily manage your domain, hosting plan, and account features like Backup and support ticket right from the Web Space Kit dashboard.

WebSpaceKit the Best hosting provider for eCommerce business

eCommerce websites, in general, look for website speed as the website loading time may impact a potential sale. And that is why we believe WebSpaceKit will be the best hosting website for eCommerce businesses, considering the speed it offers.

Next to speed, eCommerce business owners need their website to be secure on the Internet. Again, WebSpaceKit, with its cutting-edge CageFS technology, ensures the eCommerce website is safe from all sorts of security threats.

And with Web Space Kit, it’s quite easy for business owners to create an online store in no time. They have scalable hosting plans that can be upgraded as the business grows.

Why WebSpaceKit?

1. Most hosting platforms in the world, have their servers in the USA or Europe. We provide you with the best possible performance to give you the fastest loading time. Our high-end technology ensures that your site will load within a blink of an eye.

2. We know how important your site’s security is. This is why we don’t let you gamble with that.

All of our hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate is an absolute necessity for your site since it increases the trust factor between you and your audience. 

This ensures that all the data from our servers to your visitor’s browser is safe and secure.

Web Space Kit Plans

Web Space Kit

Rating: 1 out of 5.





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